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Lab news

  • (2023) Uttam and Kamlesh received poster prizes at the "Soft and Living Matter: From Fundamental Concepts to New Materials Design" meeting at ICTS

  • (2022) Pragya won the best poster prize at the Gordon Conference on Granular Matter held at Stonehill College, Easton, Massachusetts USA.

  • (2022) Rajesh featured in the coffee table book "75 UNDER 50 - Scientists Shaping Today's India" by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Govt. of INDIA. 

  • (2020) Dr. Chandan Mishra has accepted a faculty position in the Dept. of Physics, IIT Gandhinagar 

  • (2020) Rajesh was awarded the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize in Physics.

  • (2020) Navneet won the best oral presentation prize at Compflu 2019 in IISER Bhopal

  • (2019) Dr. Hima Nagamanasa, the first student to graduate from our group, is now an Asst. Professor at the Dept. of Physics, UMass, Amherst.


  •  (2018) Manodeep and Navneet received the 1st and 2nd best poster prizes at the "Entropy, Order and Information in Soft Matter" meeting at ICTS


  • (2017) Chandan has received the best PhD thesis award in Physical Sciences at JNCASR. 

  • (2017) Shreyas has received the best PhD thesis award in Physical Sciences at IISc.

  • (2016) Manasa has received the best PhD thesis award in Physical Sciences at JNCASR.


  • (2015) Congratulations to the first bunch of PhD's from our group - Dr. Hima Nagamanasa & Dr. Shreyas Gokhale. 


  • (2015) Manasa has joined Prof. Steve Granick's group at IBS, Seoul as a postdoc and Shreyas has taken up a postdoctoral fellowship with Prof. Jeff Gore's group at MIT.


  • (2014) Shreyas received the EPS poster prize at Liquids 2014, Lisbon Portugal for his work on Dynamical Facilitation in colloidal glass formers. A total of 5 posters from over 700 posters from all over the world were chosen for the prize.


  • (2014) Srishti received the Marie Curie fellowship for graduate study at the University of Montpellier.


  • (2013) Chandan received the best MS thesis award for his work on reentrant glass transitions in colloidal ellipsoids.

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